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Stiff Competition - the novel

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There are zillions of consumer competitions on the web but most are just lucky draws.  If you want to be a persistent winner you need to enter ‘real’ comps so you can develop your skills.  Finding them takes time and dedication.  Here’s where to begin your quest:

Prizefinder.  A lot of competitions are listed here but most are draws.  However, some require skill.  It’s just a matter of finding them.

Compers News. More comping stuff, including winning tiebreakers and advice.


For literary competitions, see my own list: Writing Comps

Henry Cooper presenting me with two goldfish.
Linda Lynx

Henry Cooper is seen here presenting me with two goldfish at the Hotel Conrad in London after I’d worked out that 125,297 of them would fit into a Peugeot 205 GTi.  I’d just said to Henry, ‘The fish are a mistake, surely - I should be getting the car.’

Checking the fine print in my 'congrats' letter

Car or goldfish?  I check the fine print in my ‘congrats’ letter.  Oh no!

I contemplate my prize

Goldfish!  And not even a proper bowl to put them in.  Still, at least they gave me some fish food.

But Seriously  . . .

Me with car keys in mouth and cans in hands 

If you win a car, beware of over-enthusiastic photographers.  They’ll take advantage of your ‘winner’s intoxication’ and have you doing all sorts of undignified things.  If the comp is on dog food, you’ll be cocking your leg on a tree before you know it.  This picture was taken at the presentation of my second car, which I won by estimating how many cans of soft drink would fit into it.  It was only a Metro, but I was keen to please in those days, so when they shoved the keys in my mouth I didn’t complain.  The only reason I haven’t got a can on my head as well as in each hand is because it kept falling off.



Stiff Competition by Michael Shenton, winner of the Peter Pook Humorous Novel Contest, illuminates the darker side of consumer competitions.   If you think comping is a harmless little hobby for retired people, this novel will put you right.
 Published by Emissary Publishing, PO Box 33, Bicester, Oxon, OX26 4ZZ.
 Sorry - currently out of print





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