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* The FHM cover in the  Ďstabbed in the backí picture above is an artistís impression.

Hi!  Have you ever read magazine articles about  people who win thousands of competition prizes, and said to yourself, ĎCor, I wish I could do that!í  You havenít?  Oh.  In that case, youíve come to the wrong place.  Click here for something completely different: Locked Room Mystery.

The rest of you pay attention, for you are now in the company of just such a winner, and he is going to reveal some of the secrets that could make you a winner too.

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Michael Shenton, author of Stiff Competition, a humorous novel set in the wacky world of competitions.  I based the story on my own experiences after a comping career that netted me 7 cars and over £100,000 in other prizes.  On this site Iíll be telling you about that career and of course about the novel (itself a competition winner).  If you want to know what it takes to win prizes galore - and we are talking seriously extreme behaviour here - stay tuned.

Skill Comps page lists UK prize competitions requiring skill rather than luck, as favoured by the persistent winners. Writing Competitions is the literary equivalent, with short story, novel and poetry contests.  (New: separate UK Poetry Competitions page.)  In the Be a Winner section you will find my winning tips and advice, plus the odd magic spell for those who like to leave nothing to chance.  Donít laugh.  Magic is possible.  How do you think I won seven cars when most compers canít even win one?

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