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Treasure Hunt Solution 

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Novel cover
Cartoon: One treasure hunter showing another a baby's bootee.

‘Not bootee, you twit - we’re looking for the pirate’s  booty!’

Cover of Stiff Competition.


Strange Cat

  Solution & Explanations

The jolly lads took the northern path from Wideboy beach into Creep Wood (a shady place), and obtained the help of the monk from Monk’s Cottage with coins that proved counterfeit.  They then found themselves in Shame Valley, the lowest place on the map (because I say so, that’s why!), and the feather for their cap came from the chicken farm. They then headed for the telegraph wires (the messenger) and, after twisting to the right, took the route via Perm, ‘via perm’ being an anagram of vampire, a creature of the night.  Next they scrambled up a slope (turning ‘slope’ into ‘poles’) and walked along the line (line of telegraph poles).  They had a drink at Rook Well, then joined Sun Street.  Here things become appropriately devious, because the jolly lads turned right as they entered Moon Road, not left as they claimed (note the back-to-front compass on that side of the map: east is west, therefore left is right).  After that they walked a few more yards to Kinson Girls’ School, a place they wouldn’t be invading if they were better men (they might frighten the girls - better men would have more consideration).  Fifty paces into the grounds they came to a funny sort of tree - the mountain ash.  Why funny?  Well, another name for mountain ash is rowan, so we have rowan at Kinson Girls’ School, or Rowan Atkinson - a funny sort if ever I saw one.           

Feel free to groan and gnash your teeth, but please, no abusive letters.  It’s only a bit of fun.

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Wishing-well cartoon 

A real crowd-puller, this!  I made the dummy’s head from clay using myself as a model.  Easy enough with a mirror - except that my features came out reversed (the larger ear on the left instead of the right, etc).  When it was finished I found I couldn’t lift it without a block and tackle, so I made a hollow plaster cast.  The face lost something in the process - wrinkles, mostly - but if you look at us both in the right light (about 12 watts), there’s still a definite resemblance.

Photo of stabbed-in-the-back car display.

* The FHM cover in the  above photo is an artist’s impression.

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Novel cover

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